31 Residents of the Haunted Mansion.
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31 Residents of the Haunted Mansion.

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Celebrate the spookiest season of the year by learning more about the happy haunts that live in my favorite mansion.  Each day will feature a card that tells you about that days happy haunt, along with a mini skein or a cross stitch item. This box will ship by September 20th, please note this is a preorder and will not ship immediately.

31 Day Yarn box

31 individually dyed and packaged mini skeins. This box will use an 80/20 merino nylon fingering weight base. Each 20g mini skein is 80 yards.  Total box will be 620g and 2,480 yards.

Box will also include ghoulish delights and extras. (Please note there is no pattern with the yarn box, but I am happy to give suggestions if you would like them)

31 Day Cross Stitch Box

31 days of individually packaged stitchy related mini gifts.  This will be a combination of both threads, fabrics, patterns, and other stitchy extras.