31 Days of Pokemon July box
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31 Days of Pokemon July box

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Celebrate the summer with 31 days of stitching them all!  Each day will focus on a different pokemon across all generations and regions.  We are trying to pick the internets most popular pokemon, and maybe you'll find a new favorite companion. This box will ship by mid June, please note this is a preorder and will not ship immediately.

31 Day Yarn box with Optional stitch marker add on.

31 individually dyed and packaged mini skeins. This box will use an 80/20 merino nylon fingering weight base. Each 20g mini skein is 80 yards.  Total box will be 620g and 2,480 yards.

Optional Stitch marker add on will be a daily stitch marker addition to the box.  This will be a wooden stitch marker, that will be of that days pokemon and included in the packaging with your mini skein. Markers will be finished with lever back clasps. 

31 Day Cross Stitch Box with Optional Needle Minder add on.

31 days of individually packaged stitchy related mini gifts.  This will be a combination of both threads and fabrics that are pokemon inspired.  Box will include at least 4 pieces of fabric, and 27 silk threads.  

Optional needle minder add on will include a new needle minder every day for a total of 31 needle minders all inspired by a different pokemon daily.